Welcome to Mercy Smiles

Homeless street children, destitute abandoned orphans and children living in the slums in developing countries, grow up with no sense of self worth or any vision of hope for the future. They live on the periphery of society, often begging outside shopping centres and rummaging in dustbins for food. They are always hungry and often victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Mercy Smiles is a Charity focussed on rebuilding lives of disadvantaged children for a better future.

Our Purpose and Values

We are a charity helping disadvantaged children to change their lives.

Our Purpose

We believe strongly disadvantaged street children and destitute orphans have the power and will to change provided they are given the right support.We want to create opportunities for disadvantaged children to access free shelter, education, health care and other social support to change their lives for a better and brighter future.

Our Values

We are being non-judgemental and open minded.We give everyone a chance to make the positive change which we believe they are capable of making.We communicate openly and honestly and do what we say we will do.We work emphatically with peopleWe work flexibly, creatively and adapt to circumstances as they arise.

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